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Leave The Dirty Work to Us

Doing laundry is whole lot easier with JJ’s Laundry Depot! Conveniently located on the Strip in Cranbrook, we provide a full range of laundry services with drop-off or pick up and delivery.

From your socks to your shirts, we make sure all your laundry is cleaned, dried and returned to you stain-free and neatly folded. If required, we provide an ironing and press service as well as mending and clothing repair. Our facility is equipped to handle large loads and speciality items, such as wedding dresses, duvets and quilts. We’ll ensure precious garments are well cared for.

Why use JJ’s Laundry?

What about extremely dirty items, such as mechanics coveralls and horse blankets? We do that too! If it needs cleaning, bring it to JJ’s Laundry Depot.
  • We make laundry easy
  • Save time & energy
  • Professional care for delicate items
  • Protect your home appliances – leave pet beds, coveralls and the dirty stuff to us!
  • Free pick up and delivery within Cranbrook (surrounding areas by request)
  • Fast, friendly, reliable service
  • Clean, well-equipped facility
  • 100% guarantee that your laundry is not mixed with other’s people laundry

Our Services

personal laundry

Personal Laundry

s laundry the most dreaded task in your household? Let JJ’s Laundry Depot take care of it for you while saving you money and freeing up your time!

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specialty laundry

Specialty Laundry

Looking to get your wedding dress cleaned? The staff at JJ’s Laundry Depot are highly experienced and our facility is well equipped to clean the most delicate of items.

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Workwear and sports laundry

Workwear & Sports Laundry

Need your coveralls cleaned? How about that post-season hockey gear? Bring it all to JJ’s Laundry Depot! We can handle just about anything.

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Press and Mending

Press & Mending

Want to look great for that upcoming business trip? Take advantage of our press, ironing, mending and clothing repairs services.

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